Welcome our new Team Lead for Infection, Dr. Lin!

04 Jan 2021

i4Kids is pleased to share that Philana Lin, MD MSc is our new Team Lead for Infection. She is an associate professor of Pediatrics and the director of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship Program. Dr. Lin's lab is focused on key factors in the pathogenesis of Mtb infection as well as the host pathogen interaction during HIV-TB co-infection. Thank you Carolyn Coyne, PhD for her efforts to i4Kids. Dr. Coyne has accepted a Professorship at Duke University and will leave the University of Pittsburgh in July 2021. She will join a new Duke University Science & Technology (DST) initiative designed to support exceptional and visionary faculty in the natural and biomedical sciences and provide them with sufficient infrastructure to solve the world’s most pressing problems. We are wishing her the best of luck on her new role at Duke University!