2020 Pilot Grants formed 4 new collaborations.

13 Jun 2020

i4Kids is excited to announce 4 new collaborations that will receive the i4Kids Pilot Grant for our 1st grant funding cycle FY21. One of the top priorities of the i4Kids Pilot Grants is to encourage innovative areas of research by supporting new cross-disciplinary collaborations aimed at improving pediatric health. 

Congratulations to our awardees!

Emrullah Korkmaz, PhD (Department: Dermatology & Bioengineering) 
Deborah Albright, MD (Department: Pediatrics, Division: Allergy & Immunology) 
Tina Sumpter, PhD (Derpartment: Dermatology, Division: Immunology)
Wei Chen, PhD (Department: Pediatrics, Division: Pulumology)
Wei Gao, PhD (Deparment: Electrical and Computer Engineering) 
Erick Forno, MD MPH (Department: Pediatrics, Division: Pulmonary Medicine)
Rheinhard Hinterleiter, PhD (Department: Immunology)
Terence Dermody, MD (Department: Pediatrics, Division: Infectious Diseases)
Thomas Hooven, MD (Deparment: Pediatrics, Division: Neonatology / Newborn Medicine)  
David Aronoff, MD (Department: Medicine, Division: Infectious Diseases)