Pediatric Grand Rounds - COVID-19

01 Jul 2021, 08:00 to 09:00
Virtual - Zoom

Kate F. Kernan, MD

Assistant Professor of Critical Care Medicine

"NICHD Pediatric Critical Care and Trauma Scientist"

Dr. Kernan will provide an overview of severe pediatric SARS-COV2 related critical illness in children. Her lecture will include information regarding the pathophysiology, manifestation, treatment and expected disease course of pediatric COVID-19 related respiratory failure and Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C). 


Sam Reiman

Director and Trustee, Richard King Mellon Foundation

"Responding to the pandemic – and learning valuable lessons along the way"

As the area’s largest philanthropy, the Richard King Mellon Foundation works under a carefully crafted strategic plan. But our plan never anticipated an historic pandemic. When COVID-19 hit last year, it was essential that we quickly adapt: To meet immediate community needs. To work with trusted partners – such as Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh – to help drive pandemic solutions. And to position the region for economic and societal recovery, once a vaccine was developed. We did so - and learned important lessons along the way that positively impacted our new strategic plan, that will drive our grantmaking for the next decade.


Debra L. Bogen, MD

Director - Allegheny County Health Department

"Allegheny County Health Department Pandemic Response".

During this presentation, I will describe five phases of the pandemic, share our challenges and successes in responding to each phase, discuss future planning, and lessons learned for the next pandemic.



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