Associate Professor
University of Pittsburgh
Area of expertise: Epidemiology, Infectious diseases, Pediatrics
Email: haggerty [at] pitt.edu


As a reproductive, perinatal and pediatric epidemiologist, the overall goal of my work is to improve health, prevent disease and eliminate health disparities among reproductive-aged women and their children.  I have been actively involved in women’s health research for nearly two decades, leading numerous NIH and CDC funded studies that combine reproductive, infectious disease and molecular epidemiology.  Several of my ongoing projects are focused on the role of the vaginal microbiome in pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility and adverse pregnancy outcomes.


I am a Co-lead of the Healthy Environments and Strong Bodies working group of The Pittsburgh Study (TPS), a large longitudinal community-partnered study that follows the health of children in Allegeny County from birth through high school.  The intent is to identify health inequities and determine what interventions help children thrive.  I am committed to examining disparities in pregnancy and child outcomes globally and also co-lead the Longitudinal Indian Family hEalth (LIFE) Study, conducted in collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh, the MediCiti Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS), and Science Health Allied Research & Educaiton (SHARE) INDIA.  We are examining the environmental, infectious, lifestyle, metabolic and genetic factors impacting birth outcomes and early childhood health and development among a large cohort of Indian women recruited preconception and followed through conception, pregnancy and delivery.