Pilot Grant Funding Opportunity


The purpose of the pilot grant is to encourage new cross-disciplinary collaborations that focus on advancing research in infection, inflammation, and immunity in children. 

  • The research proposal must be in the area of infection, inflammation, or immunity and must relate to pediatric health.
  • The proposal must have at least 2 co-Principal Investigators (co-PIs). Though not prohibited, it is generally not recommended to have more than 3 co-PIs
  • The Co-PIs’ primary appointments must represent at least 2 different areas (e.g. departments, divisions, institutions, universities)
  • Co-PIs must be faculty, including tenure-stream, appointment-stream, or tenured faculty.  
  • One Co-PI must be designated as the Coordinating PI for our administrative purposes. The Coordinating PI is responsible for submitting the application on behalf of the collaborative team. The Coordinating PI will take responsibility for managing the group collaboration and be the administrative point of contact. Grant funds will be awarded to the institution/department of the Coordinating PI, who will take responsibility for distributing funds to the institutions/departments of the other members of the collaboration. The Coordinating PI will be responsible for coordinating and submitting the progress report.
  • We encourage applications from newly formed collaborations. If the co-PIs have collaborated in the past (e.g. co-authored a publication, grant, existing ongoing study, etc), please explain how this project is a novel departure from your previous collaborative work.