The Pediatric Asthma Center at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh is dedicated to improving awareness and reducing the burden of childhood asthma through clinical care, research, community outreach, and education.The Pediatric Asthma Center is committed to excellence in the current and future care of all children with asthma. This goal is vigorously pursued through research, education, training of physicians and scientists, community involvement, and superb clinical care.

Asthma evaluation is available at all Children’s Hospital locations. Earlier diagnosis and more effective management of this age group decreases the number of cases of undiagnosed asthma, and help greatly reduce the number of emergency room visits by children with asthma.Services offered by the Pediatric Asthma Center include:

  • Educational programs
  • Community outreach programs and screenings
  • Clinical research studies
  • Basic research to investigate the impact of environmental/lifestyle factors on children
  • Continuing Medical Education and training courses for healthcare providers
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