Emerging skin-targeted drug delivery strategies to engineer immunity: A focus on infectious diseases

11 Sep 2020
Emrullah Korkmaz, Stephen C. Balmert, Cara Donahue Carey, Geza Erdos & Louis D. Falo Jr

Article Highlights

  • Emerging infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, are global disrupters.
  • Skin-targeted drug delivery strategies facilitate in-situ engineering of the immune-responsive cutaneous microenvironment to enable diverse vaccination strategies against infectious pathogens.
  • Emerging intracutaneous drug delivery technologies, including STAR particles, spherical nucleic acids, microneedle arrays (MNAs), and MNA-administered micro- or nano-particles, are versatile platforms for effective vaccine deployment to skin microenvironments.
  • Continuous progress in cutaneous drug delivery approaches is needed to complement rapidly expanding knowledge of skin immunology and infectious diseases.
  • Clinical translation and commercialization of innovative skin-targeted vaccine delivery systems remains an exciting goal for enabling next-generation immunization approaches.